Sunday, 1 January 2017

An Amazing Facts About Healthy Skin

Skin is the largest organ of your body. While taking care of your skin we all should know the importance of exercise, a smart diet and good sleep. 
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Skin Health?

On a Practical level, it means your skin is working properly. It is fully hydrated and able to protect you from environmental issues. When the skin is well cared it becomes free from dryness. Healthy skin feels comfortable and looks beautiful. 

There are some amazing facts about healthy skin which are discussed below:

It acts as First Line of Defense - Skin is our body’s largest organ, which is 16% of our body weight. Its main function is to keeping moisture in and keeping bad stuff out. The topmost layer of skin is known as the stratum corneum which is approximately 40 micrometer thick. In this layer, skin cells protect against infection which causing microbes and bacteria. The stratum corneum is also highly susceptible to dryness and damages. If dryness penetrates too deeply, it affect skin cells leaving them too weak.

Health that you can see - If skin cells are tight, your skin will feel itchy and uncomfortable at the surface. Skin damage can begin days before you see signs of dryness, if dryness penetrates the skin’s layers deeply.

Skin is lifelong Companion -
Due to natural renewal processes, the top layer of your skin is not the same when you were 7 years old. Skin changes as you grow. From sensitive baby skin to adolescent drier skin, your skin is there to protect you through it all.

Caring for the skin is a major factor in maintaining overall health. Keep your skin healthy by using Coal Glow products.