Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Prevention methods for dry winter skin

Cold, dry winter weather is a common cause of dry skin which usually result into rough,tight and itchy skin. It feels uncomfortable when dry skin becomes severe, it can crack, making a perfect entryway for germs. These germs can cause infection in your body,as well as on your skin.

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The various prevention methods which are described below:

Low humidity - As temperature fall, so do humidity levels, and the loss of moisture  can bring your skin about to end up. Warm from heaters, radiators, wood stoves, and chimneys can likewise drain the dampness out of the air inside your home, which can dry out your skin considerably more. Return dampness to the air by utilizing a humidifier as a part of the rooms both at home and in your office.

Use moisturizers - A moisturizer that contains natural ingredients is more beneficial for dry skin. Coal Glow moisturizer is very helpful because it keeps skin healthy and hydrated, moreover it contains natural ingredients in it which gives an efficient result. 

Drink more water - When the outermost layer of the epidermis lacks water, then your skin becomes dry. But in not fully cleared whether drinking more water can counteract dry skin, it result into a hydrated body i.e. more conducive to hydrated skin, You should drink large amount of water.

Eat fresh vegetables - Ideally fresh and organic vegetables are beneficial. Some fresh vegetable's juice is also useful for your skin, it acts like carotenoids, which give red, orange and yellow fruits.

Avoid Itchy fabrics - You clothes may also contribute to your dry, itchy skin. Some people have very sensitive skin that will itch with certain fabrics specially wool. So avoid these fabrics and wear those clothes that matches with your comfort.